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The Information technology industry is undergoing a transformation as new technologies and services are generating more and more diversity data. The convergence of these systems is creating the need for a high performance, flexible and cost-effective data transformation and mediation. MagicData a 32/64 bit technology is a state of the art solution focused on high performance, generic and multi platform technology.
MagicData is probably the fastest real time aggregator tool for big data. Lately benchmarks performance is: 300,000 events per second on a single 64 bit CPU machine.
Key Features
MagicData is a high performance data transformation and mediation platform. It mediates data between any combination of systems in real-time or batch mode, on a single generic platform.
  • Performance: High performance execution of mediation logic in centralized or distributed deployments. Transform tens of thousands of records per second with a single CPU.
  • Functionality: comprehensive functionality enabling users to perform validation, reduction, filtering, aggregation, correlation and enrichment of data through configurable set-up Ruled base “SQL like” XML metadata.
  • Scalability – integration and processing more data and sources with the same system
  • Flexibility – Supports any textual or binary data format, structured or unstructured, fix length, variable length records, dependent data blocks, delimited, prefix suffix records, EBCDIC and ASCII data. Supports build in complex record structures such as ASN.1.
  • Connectivity – Mediates many data inputs and outputs in any format over leading protocols, in real-time or batch mode.
  • Fault Tolerance – MagicData is software fully fault tolerance.
  • Multi Platform - deployed to Windows, Linux, and Sun, IBM and HP UNIX operating system.
MagicData Benefits
The value of choosing the correct Mediation tool or the correct ETL & DT tool is very important when the average cost of building and maintaining system interface goes up to 25% of the IT budgets and the use of the right tool can reduce the cost up to 75% (© Accurate Business Solutions, 2000).
  • Time To Market – IT can define complex data transformation and business rules quickly.
  • Transformations are faster to write, easier to maintain and can be written by project teams  
  • Without reliance on expensive integration resources.
  • Reduced cost of ownership – MagicData state-of-the-art high performance platform use
  • Reduce the need for hardware than any other data transformation tool.
MagicData for Billing Mediation
MagicData is an application generator for billing mediation that transforms large volume of data from any type of input sources to any type of outputs. Performance is the first factor for using MagicData. For example complex data formatting can be extracted, parsed and formatted for more than 300000 records a second on single CPU.
TTM is the second factor to use MagicData as it offers easy parsing and formatting of any record type such as: Binary, ASCII, EBCDIC, and any type of record variable or fix.
Telecom Mediation features
  • Generic correlation for very complex Billing and Customer Care applications.
  • Support Telecom formats records such as ASN-1, AMA, Radius, XML, etc.
  • Support Telecom billing features such as: data validation, data reduction, data filtering, data aggregation and data enrichment.
  • Errors reports: messaging and monitoring.
  • Generic Network Element Connectivity collector: many inputs and outputs.
Data collection inputs
  • Data collection is based on a generic collection scripts that can be defined to any data collection and provisioning (meaning also traditional NE).
  • Collection can be defined for many inputs by different threads.
  • Type of collection: TCP, UDP, FTP, SNMP, and Asynchrony (RS-XXX).
  • MagicData has a near real time external definition loader.

Data distribution outputs
  • Data can be loaded to any Data Base.
  • Distribution can be defined for many outputs by different threads.
  • Data can be loaded to: Oracle, Sybase and My SQL.
Software environment
  • MagicData syntax is written in XML.
  • MagicData rules syntax is “SQL like” statements.
  • MagicData offers full High availability (software).
  • Multi platform, Multi CPU supports: Any Unix (HP, SUN and IBM) Linux &Windows platforms.
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