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Priority provides integrated business management solutions for commercial and manufacturing worldwide.

Excellence: Priority encapsulates the robustness of solution that has many years of field-proven operation. Far-reaching in functionality, yet simple to operate and easy to maintain.  Priority is also in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, IFRS and other international accounting standards (including GAAP).

Innovation: Priority is the first ERP software that enables a virtually instantaneous, on-premise, web-based installation. Our hosted SaaS service is optional. Users can now have their local MS-Office applications fully synchronized with Priority (Outlook emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and shortcuts) including bi-directional exchange of data and files to and from Microsoft Word, Excel and project applications.

Scalability: Priority's scalable ERP architecture is built for field level configuration to accommodate the full spectrum of corporate needs: from the head office, through rollout company branches and even isolated operation.
Track Records: Our best testimonial for a credible product is Priority's track record, with years of proven field service in large and small organizations.

Flexibility: Consultants and implementers can go on a long way in meeting special requirements that are not provided out of the box by using Priority SDK and upgrade capabilities. 

Additional Technology Features: 

  • Scalable ERP based on SOA
  • Unicode
  • NET 3.5
  • Comprehensive integration/synchronization with MS-Office
  • On-Line/Off-Line capabilities in our CRM and point of sale modules.
  • Integrated business intelligence (BI) software solution
  • Integrated Document Management
  • Integrated Business Process Management (BPM) SOLUTIONS.
  • Superiority over competing products: Priority outperforms competing products from vendors such Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Infor, Epicor, QAD, Moovex in the following key areas: 


WPF based web enabled graphical UI
On-Premise web enabled installation in a few mouse clicks
Unmatched user level customizability (Menus, Screens/Forms, Reports, Documents, Business Rules, Data Migration Interface)
Coherent graphical UI- the same user interface throughout the application, including the SDK.
Version management utility that ensures operational integrity of customer specific customizations through Service Pack and Upgrades installation.


Built-in Industry Oriented ,Standard Operating Procedures
Built-in customization tools with rapid roll-out capability
Multi-company structure that enables one system  to operate in many languages and conform to various local financial regulations and currency requirements

Industry Coverage

Industry-specific extensions are all consistent with the core application, so all core built-in utilities (such as BPM, BI, etc.) are available throughout the system.
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