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Project Management

Priority's Project Management module offers users capabilities that match and surpass those of dedicated project management systems. Project planning supports task interdependencies within or between projects, while activity-related reporting of labor & expenses and built-in BPM tools make the maintenance of project progress, in terms of both deliverables and outlays, an integrated part of the organization's daily routines. Team collaboration is facilitated by linking each task to its related project and activity, coupled with e-mail integration that synchronizes relevant comments directly to the associated entity, ensuring that team members are always in the loop.

Key Features:
  • Resource Management
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Resource load simulation
  • Resource load views
  • Manage external resources, such as subcontractors
  • Resource calendar
Project Management Capabilities
  • Manage Scope of Work (SOW) and requirement documents: Priority offers built-in tools for loading and synchronizing the documents used to organize work requirements with the pertinent project activities and deliverables
  • Manage and authorize project revisions
  • Define advanced inter-dependencies
  • Create project related bill of materials and handle procurement
  • Schedule activities using the critical path method
  • Produce Gantt charts showing base-line versus actual project dates
  • Activity and project costing and budgeting with job role pricing
  • Report time, materials and related expenses directly to the related activity and project, generate automatic notifications for project/activity related events, including expense and timesheet approval
  • Manage project invoicing, including support for pro forma invoices and income recognition
  • Link service contracts to the relevant project
Document Management
  • Use Priority's document management tools to attach related documents to a project and/or activity, where they are available to all assigned users with the appropriate access rights.
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